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TMinus30 at World Summit AI

12-13 October, 2022


A new and innovative platform live and direct to you

A global movement to create a better world: Where game changers, exponential tech gurus, transformation practitioners, business leaders, disruption specialists, startup founders, investors, gov heads, institution leaders, youth activists, academics and geniuses (!) actively collaborate, share ideas and create solutions to some of humanities greatest challenges.

T-30 TV incorporates an on demand TV series from the very latest big game changers in AI, emerging technology, health and science via masterclasses, online courses and podcasts. We are interviewing and filming now – contact us via the ‘get involved page’.

T-30 Live works on a series of challenges and hacks – both online and in person – around the world on 8 key themes (see below). T-30 plans to map a possible path for what this decade could achieve by utilising existing and emerging technology and working on solutions that moonshot the way forward with impact. Audiences include the most powerful decision makers, policy holders, NGO’s and corporate leaders from our network of 54,000 subscribers.

T-30 Launch will provide startups with the opportunity to pitch their products and solutions to potential investors, incubators and buyers via a series of webinars, podcasts, ‘pitch live’ and marketing support packages.

T-30 Challenges will be governed by a coalition of organisations, youth generation and partners from a cross section representatives chosen to fully democratise the solutions T-30 creates.

T-30 Clinect is in partnership with the world’s leading AI and Medical community Intelligent Health and brings together technology solutions with clinicians from the private and public sector to a series of investment and live opportunities globally.

T-30 Equal is a major part of the T-30 movement and is designed to ensure that no one is excluded from the future of tech, particularly those from under represented minorities. We have partnered with the WHO, Plan International, WomeninAI, InspiredMinds, Asian Women University Network, the United Nations and global corporations from around the world to initiate T-30 Equal.

Leaders around the world recognise that we are at a pivotal point in time. Technology and science is enabling more potential than at any moment in history, but these new technologies cannot be implemented in silos. We need a multi disciplinary approach to collaborate, share ideas, create regulation and responsible use, and ensure that no-one is left behind.

Join us as we unite the largest community of game changers and disruptors online and in person.

Our 54,000 worldwide subscribers

Global CEO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s, CFOs, CXOs, Heads of Business, World Leaders, Thought Leaders, Innovation Leaders, Influencers, Impact Tech Pioneers, Game Changers, Technologists, Scientists, Philanthropists, Historians, Philosophers, Economists, Founders, Disrupters, Investors, Youth, Activists, NGO’s, Inventors, and Futurist Geniuses.

Join the movement

There are numerous ways to join the T-30 movement.

Sponsor: Organisations can sponsor a theme overall, locally, or at the global summit. There are over 100 ways to get involved as a sponsor from a simple expo stand to a continual promotional partnership throughout the year. Headline sponsorship places are by application and available for the series, for local summits, or for T-30:TV.

Community and Global partners – we have a network of over 50 partners worldwide. We are looking for local community T-30:Hub leaders where local communities run theme challenges. We are always looking for global partners with international communities, particularly in minority groups or the global south.

T-30:Mentors – we are currently on boarding experts in the theme areas, futurists, entrepreneurs, innovators and game changers with substantial experience in their field to join our global board of mentors.

T-30:Youth – Do you have fire in your belly to make a change in the world, do you have a voice and passion in bundles but need a platform? We fully acknowledge ‘youth-quake’, that this is the age of next-gen and we need you to get involved to create your future.

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Health & Medicine

Future of food and agriculture

Climate tech related to energy

Government, policy, and finance

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