T-30: The future of technology

The World’s First Climate Action Summit!

13th – 14th October 2021

Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam & Online

About us

Humanity is on code red.

Time is running out to act against the climate crisis. But it is not too late.

We at InspiredMinds know that climate action speaks louder than words and that’s why we’re launching the world’s first climate action summit, TMinus30, 13th-14th October 2021, Amsterdam and Online. 

Ten years is too long to wait to act for change. At the summit we will focus on the critical next five years that will determine the fate of the planet. We will develop impact related change, bringing together the ideas of world leaders, the brave new thinking of entrepreneurs, the thirst for radical change of younger generations and the brainpower of scientists and technologists and turning them into real life impact-making solutions. 

No one achieves anything alone and we champion this interdisciplinary model to maximise our collective transformative impact. By bringing together some of the greatest minds globally, our summit will galvanise action against the worst effects of the climate crisis.


Join us and act now!

For 2021, TMinus30 will focus on three key areas for accelerating change: energy, future of food and agriculture, and climate tech.


Amsterdam and Online 

13th–14th October 2021 



A global tech and science strategy group focused on AI4Good operating in healthcare, education, STEM and government / strategic level Artificial Intelligence.

We connect the global AI ecosystem from Enterprise to BigTech, Startups, Investors and Science.

We unite large global enterprises to AI technology, academics to researchers, startups to investors, talent to corporates, data scientists to clinicians.

We own the world’s largest and most active AI community of over 200,000 in 160+ countries and boast 20 years of experience in technology and large scale festival style summits. We are aligned with the United Nations sustainable development goals and our “why” is to ensure that emerging technology is inclusive, equitable and safe.


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